New Dimension Technology (Pty) Ltd has a wide range of software products relating to the construction industry, all of which are based on our principles of dramatically improving the productivity of construction professionals while maintaining ease of use and flexibility.

Software Solutions for Construction Professionals

New Dimension Technology (Pty) Ltd (NDTec) was established in 1996 by Martin Treadaway, previously a partner in a national practice of quantity surveyors, where NDTec’s initial product QSPlus software was originally developed for quantity surveyors by quantity surveyors. QSPlus was redeveloped for the Windows platform by a team led by Jess Barker- Chaplin.

NDTec then developed a new product, Quantity Surveyors Product Libraries (QPL) which was distributed to quantity surveyors to provide them with fully developed bills of quantities subheading and descriptions for various manufacturers’ products.

This product gave way to AutoSpec, a system which allows specifications to be assembled through PowerSpec, the intelligent engine, which, through asking pertinent questions, will create a “fit-for-purpose” specification and include it in a specification document with the relevant master specification clauses.

In 2006 Glenn Treadaway was appointed CEO.

Recently AutoSpec was released in Australia where architects are accustomed to issuing full specification documents. The product specifications are authored by a skilled staff of Quantity surveyors, architects and graphic designers to ensure that the information, specifications, graphics and presentation are of the highest quality.

Our skilled in-house software development team ensures that the user experience is excellent.

In June 2011 we changed our name from New Dimension Computing (NDC) to New Dimension Technology (Pty) Ltd. (NDTec).

NDTec has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban

QSPlus International - Intelligent Quantity Surveyor and Estimating Software

QSPlus is a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective international software solution for Quantity Surveyors and Cost Engineers

  • Take-off and produce Cost Plans and Bills of Quantities
  • Seamless integration of DimensionX dims into QSPlus
  • Manage monthly progress payments
  • Measure and produce Final Account on an Adds-and-Omits basis, or As-built Bills of Quantities

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AutoSpec - Architecture Specifications Construction Software

AutoSpec Professional is a vital tool for Architects, Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, Developers, Decorators, Project Managers, University students and anyone else involved in the building industry.  AutoSpec Professional is an intelligent database driven product catalogue and specification writing system.  


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Tenders Direct - Online Tender Distribution System

Tenders Direct (Pty) Ltd was established in a joint venture in 2008 to provide a service to the Cost Engineering/Quantity Surveying Consultant industry for the electronic distribution of Tender documentation via the internet.

The principle aim is to provide a SECURE, fast & simple electronic method of issuing Tender documents to an invited list of Tenderers/Contractors.


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MySpec Apps - powered by AutoSpec

If you're looking for an App that your reps and customers can use as a mobile presentation tool, product catalogue, product educator, specification writer, quote generator or order taker, you've come to the right place.


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The App Foundry - intelligent web and mobile applications

Tablets and smartphones are becoming so integrated into our lives as a source of fun and productivity that Apps are no longer a luxury but necessary marketing and business tools.


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